Elodie Caucigh

Self-Development · emotional intelligence · meditation · Entrepreneurial Mindset · Corporate Spirituality · Community Development · empathy · Corporate Health · Stress Management

About Me

Elodie is a wellbeing partner for all those who come close to her. Idealist, visionary and explorer of her own entrepreneurial journey, she is the mother of 3-year-old REAL EASE, an exercise method destined to help professionals and entrepreneurs make the best out of their stress, improve their focus and release tensions (from located physical aches to less conscious one). Helping them improve their wellbeing while they work at the desk, in the home office or on the go. Encouraging them to take care of themselves and more regularly, a few minutes at a time. Building better and healthier life habits that work for them. Becoming more aware of their own wellbeing needs and their untapped potential, finding the real ease in who they are. Untamed creative mind and former advertising professional, she is writing about her struggles, unconventional methods and her inner development as a business owner in her first and forthcoming book.