Masha Gubkina

About Me

Born in Belarus, she relocated to SA in 2007. After completing an honours degree in French Literature at UFS in 2010, she applied her love of the language and knowledge of French culture to tutoring at Alliance Fran├žaise de Bloemfontein. Currently, she is a President of the AFDB and Delf/Dalf language proficiency examiner, freelance translator and interpreter. As the multitasker she is, Masha, as all know her, is a co- owner of Arista Guesthouse. Through this endeavour she has been privileged to do what she love, work with people and ensure that they are happy and comfortable; whilst attending to the day to day running of a successful business. She has a passion for Bloemfontein and is especially gratified when she is able to promote our wonderful city to the weary traveller who thinks a stop-over or business trip to Bloemfontein will be 'boring'. this is how the Arista blog was created. A blog is part of the information that provides potential visitors to the happenings of our beautiful city: In 2016 she was presented with the opportunity to be a co-director of Startup Grind's Bloemfontein Chapter. This spoke to her passion for networking and her belief in empowerment and knowledge-sharing. It is a first for Bloemfontein, and addresses the need for aspiring entrepreneurs to meet and network with industry leaders within our City.