Maria Perrin

About Me

Co-founder of Gide (pronounced guide) public affairs. Former tech CMO. Interested in technology, science, marketing, politics. After 10 years as a corporate executive I'm enjoying being part of the startup community.

My blog posts

How To Manage Mentors for Your Startup

Good mentors can be essential for career advancement and achieving business goals, but what happens when mentors become more of a distraction than an asset?

How to Start Your Business-to-Business Marketing Strategy

Startup entrepreneurs are constantly making difficult choices. Hire an attorney or use Legal Zoom? Invest in technology or build infrastructure? Retain control or secure additional funding? Making critical decisions is a daily activity and making marketing choices is especially challenging. It’s universally known that marketing is an essential function of a growing business, but with slim resources how does a startup entrepreneur decide what marketing to pursue and what to save for later? When a the startup is focused on selling to businesses not consumers it’s especially critical to choose marketing tools specifically tailored to business to engage this narrower hard to reach target market.