Patrycja Maksymowicz

About Me

Patrycja has almost 3 decades of experience that partners and clients alike testify results in successful partnerships built around compassionate, empathy-driven business relationships. Awarded 'Quality of the Year 2008' for management and innovative training, gained numerous industry accreditations for her clients and supported the launch of companies and products from training, through FMCG to fintech platforms. She has worked with several renowned tech incubators and accelerators mentoring tech founders. Her sweet spot is capitalising on technology to facilitate growth and improve performance. Founder & MD Open Solutions Global, a boutique consulting and business development firm, to support the development of growth-oriented companies, innovative start-ups as well as overseas companies aiming at UK market entry. Founder & CEO London Business Academy, a platform to support C-suite and Boards of Directors. In partnership with NatWest, the Academy has supported over 100 London-based SMEs through industry events and seminars.