Alex Gorsuch

discrete optimization · I-Corps · mechanical engineering · Automation Tools · Lean Launch · Sensor Technology · Rapid Prototyping · AI · Lean Six Sigma · Industrial Engineering · chemical engineering · Electrical Engineering · agriculture · IoT · Robotics · Blockchain · Firearms · machine learning · 3D Printing

About Me

I'm a multidisciplinary engineer, serial entrepreneur, and startup mentor. As a multidisciplinary engineer, I've built 200+ products (concentrating on agtech, medtech, and miltech). As a serial entrepreneur, I focus on deploying field-capable ruggedized sensors and diagnostics. As a startup mentor, I've worked with 1,000+ teams (concentrating on upfront prototyping and ideation as well as SBIR and technical hurdles). Additionally, I teach Disciplined Entrepreneurship, I-Corps, Lean Launch, and Rapid Prototyping. Currently, I have Entrepreneur in Residence and startup mentor roles across the US spanning economic development, universities, accelerator, and incubator programs.