Alex Gorsuch

discrete optimization · I-Corps · mechanical engineering · Automation Tools · Lean Launch · Sensor Technology · Rapid Prototyping · AI · Lean Six Sigma · Industrial Engineering · chemical engineering · Electrical Engineering · agriculture · IoT · Robotics · Blockchain · Firearms · machine learning · 3D Printing

About Me

Alex Gorsuch is an entrepreneur and systems engineering consultant. Skilled in biological, chemical, computer, electrical, industrial, mechanical, and systems engineering; he has worked on a variety of agriculture, blockchain, civil inspection, firearms, IoT, machine learning, medical, robotics, security, sensor technology, and other related projects. He directs the FIX Prototyping Network at Arrowhead Center, allowing clients to obtain technical assistance with rapid prototyping which they can then leverage to move their businesses to the next level. He is the Founder and CTO of MagPi Innovations, which encompasses the above mentioned fields. He is the Director of Startup Grind Fayetteville and has a Black Belt in Lean Six Sigma. His work in cognitive neuroimaging has been published with the American Medical Association and the Cognitive Neuroscience Society; he has presented on machine learning in agriculture to John Deere. He has served on the teaching team of Aggie I-Corps, BizSprint, and Networking Hour (teaching Disciplined Entrepreneurship). He got his MS in IE from NMSU and is working on his PhD. In his spare time, he enjoys firearms, scuba diving, and playing with his herd of four large dogs.