Stephanie Gonda

Public Relations · Public Speaking · Business development · Consulting · Corporate Social Responsibility

About Me

I’ve spent the last 15 years driving growth and leading teams. With diverse experience in Broadcast TV/Radio, Digital; Local programming sales. Helping SMBs , growth companies and Fortune 500 companies alike market for success. As a leader, I’m committed to empowering people thru coaching & connection. While staying focused on delivering results for businesses, shareholders and the communities I serve. From a personal brand perspective ; people describe me using words like optimistic, results oriented, high energy, passionate, problem solver. I would add “flare of geek”. Naturally curious, I thrive when challenged and crave FRESH perspective. My passion is helping you grow and finding ways to connect the world through technology and human connection! As a trusted adviser and consultant , consider me your new business development lead on demand. :) While “Geeky ” used to be an insecurity. Now, I EMBRACE it! The desire to learn partnered w/ability to understand, how to connect people, data & technology to drive profit is an asset. If you have a business challenge or simply want to discover opportunity - Let’s connect.