Twain Liu

  • Senseus, Inventor
  • San Francisco
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About Me

My focus is on Human+Machine Intelligence (specifically data classification for Natural Language Understanding and measuring consumer perceptions), product innovation and inclusion in technology. I've been on both sides of the table working in startups as well as in Strategic Investments & Corporate Strategy, CEO-Chairman's Office, UBS investment bank. I'm a quadruple (product, designer, engineer and linguist), a Maths graduate (99% in Prob&Stats exam), inspired by I Ching, a big fan of Da Vinci's work and I believe in the power and magic of people to invent the future by learning from the past and present. In my spare time I love to travel, take photos, make things (sewing, knitting, DIY) and experience diverse cultures. A fun fact is I've raced a camel across the Sahara to get to a Nubian village where they didn't have running water but did have satellite TV!

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