Andrés Rodríguez

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About Me

Andrés is Startup Grind Beijing's Co-Director. In his daily job, he handles the marketing and sales strategies for Bespoke Travel Co., a Beijing-based boutique travel company curating creative, customized tours and events in China for individual travelers and corporates alike. Andrés is passionate about entrepreneurship, traveling to develop cultural understanding, and the startup ecosystems in China and Latin America, which is also what brought him to Startup Grind. Andrés has spent nearly 7 years in Beijing and lived in 4 different continents during the last decade. Andrés is also a full-time dad of a 3rd culture kid, and a big fan of triathlon. 安德烈是创业磨坊北京分部的联合负责人。在他的日常工作中,他负责Bespoke Travel Co.的营销和销售策略,Bespoke Travel Co.是一家位于北京的精品旅游公司,为个人旅行者和企业提供在中国的创意,定制旅游和活动策划。 他热衷于创业,旅行以深入理解中国和拉丁美洲的创业生态系统,这也是他进入创业磨坊北京的原因。 安德烈在北京度过了近7年,并在过去十年中生活在四大洲。安德烈是一名全职父亲,也是铁人三项的忠实粉丝