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About Me

Karlie is the VP of Partnerships + Marketing at Startup Grind. She focuses on the planning and production of Startup Grind's Global Conference, bringing thousands of entrepreneurs to the Silicon Valley every February (more at startupgrind.com/conference). In addition to the event, she also runs strategic partnerships and sponsorships for the brand globally. Previously, she ran all major conferences at Inc. Magazine while living in New York City. She now lives in San Francisco.

My blog posts

Female Entrepreneur Month & Upcoming Events in May, June, and July

At Startup Grind, we’re frequently asked how we face the gender gap challenge in our global communities. Hacker houses, coworking spaces, and startups around the world are asking the same question: how do we create an environment more inviting and appealing to women? From Iran to New York City, we're doing everything we can to make our events around the globe connect with women, whether they're already founders or investors, or just curious about owning or joining a startup business. There is no easy answer to this, despite the fact that incredible female founders are everywhere.

Startup Grind Global Conference [Video]

Last February, 1,500 entrepreneurs representing over 30 countries converged in Redwood City, CA for Startup Grind's third annual Global Conference. Last week, we revealed the 2015 event highlight reel - check it out below.

What Being a Startup CEO is Really Like

Remember when you were a teenager looking for your first job, but nobody would give you a chance because you didn’t have any experience? You got past that hurdle—and if being a CEO is your goal, you can get past the (very similar) hurdles again. When corporations are hiring CEOs, they want someone who’s been there, done that before. You’re not going to go from Marketing Manager to CEO of a Fortune 500 company overnight. Just like when you were 16, you needed to work your way up the ranks, take some subpar pay (if any at all), and move slowly from smaller ponds to bigger ones.