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About Me

Anamarie freelances with Coffee of Origin, LLC., www.coffeeoforigin.com. She asists with the online presence and launching the social media campaigns for the company. She has authored and delivered unique courses that focus on continuing education in the fields of entrepreneurship and small business development. Anamarie speaks several languages, has spoken/performed in four continents and is adept at cross-cultural communications.

My blog posts

SG Detroit: Clever Container’s Karen Eschebach on Slow and Steady as a Clever Strategy:

[caption id="attachment_78695" align="alignleft" width="300"] Co-Founder of Clever Container[/caption]

Startup Communities

Today, I’m going to write pretty much the same blog for two different sites. I have feeling that this breaks some sort of SEO commandment. However, since I’m not going to ask for permission I’ll keep on writing. And if I am committing some major blunder; MAYBE, I’ll beg for forgiveness later.

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