Patrice Perkins

About Me

Patrice Perkins is an Army brat who has lived in Germany, Austria, and Hawaii. As CEO and Chief Wordologist at The Word Architect, she is a ghostwriter, storyteller, and brand amplifier who writes exquisite copy to solve the problems companies have getting heard in a crowded market. Patrice also creates space for successful entrepreneurs to share their journey, through fireside chats and other events as host of the Capital Region NY chapter of Startup Grind. Patrice is also a founding member of Startup Grind’s DEI Steering Committee, hosting events to encourage and embrace DEI values across the global startup ecosystem. Through education and empowerment, we strive to improve how the organizational culture surrounding issues of diversity, equity, and inclusion are embraced and communicated to global partners and stakeholders. As a part-time Analyst for In Focus Brands, a global commercialization and acceleration firm, Patrice is part of a team that creates and executes operational strategic action plans to assist companies in bringing products and services to market. Finally, Patrice brings strategic insights and curated content creation to NFiniT Digital Management as Chief Strategy Officer (fractional). NFiniT Digital Management is a revolutionary blockchain firm that dissolves the friction preventing many businesses from adopting blockchain technology – lack of knowledge. Futuristic and growth-minded, NFiniT’s cadre of relatable experts stand at the limitless intersection of art, technology, and science, poised to empower small businesses and creatives and do all the heavy lifting by minting NFT projects and delivering them directly to our clients’ audiences.