Johan Sandstedt

About Me

Hi, how are you? Hope you are fine. I run my own company today within Real Estates, a start up I took to market seven years ago. I´m now changing my focus due to a new idea and vision I have regarding a Saas solution that I hope will change the way we worldwide maintain and buy/sell Real Estates. I therefore want to meet people that work with start ups, so things can start to happen. In fact I get new ideas continously so I´m very interested in making good new contacts in general for the future. As a person I have lot´s of drive and reflection, hence why I get new ideas from reflecting on how we do currently and if it could be done differently. "What if" is my daily mode of thinking. I have missed the train a couple of times earlier due to taking to much time to find the right people and so on. So I now want to be more prepared for the future.