Mike Grabham

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About Me

Mike is an optimistic problem solver. My word is Learn. I do it constantly. By nature, I am a curious leader who has experienced success, failure and everything in between. (6X founder). I spend the largest majority of my time helping inventors and founders, from countries around the globe, get their idea off the ground. That is how I make a living. I was one of the first Startup Grind directors outside of Silicon Valley and was voted Director of the Year in 2016. I have interviewed over 100 leaders in the Seattle area at Startup Grind. I love helping others start companies/teams and enjoy the collaboration process to figure out how to create value for a customer. He has sold two companies, closed a company and failed once. Shoot me an email if you would like to touch base on getting your idea off the ground. I even created an online course to help. Visit me at www.michaelgrabham.com or follow me on twitter @grabmike