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Michael is optimistic, curious and a problem solver. He is a product fit guy that focuses on customers and revenue. He was one of the first Startup Grind directors outside of Silicon Valley and was voted Director of the Year in 2016. He loves starting companies/teams and enjoys the collaboration with smart people to figure out how to create value for a customer. He is a five time founder, working on his sixth and has raised $3.5MM from angel investors. He has sold two companies, closed a company and failed once. He is the inventor of the Package Guard, a device that protects your home deliveries from thieves. He also has a monthly TV show for KING5 called Start IT Seattle. Let him know if you would like to touch base. You can visit his blog at michaelgrabham.com or follow him on twitter @grabmike

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6 Social Media Insider Tips You Need to Implement

Social media is changing fast, with new social networks popping up daily and innovative advertising features being introduced more frequently.

Seattle celebrates two years

It has been 26 months since I sent a fairly random email to the founder of Startup Grind, Derek Anderson, letting him know that I wanted to help out in Seattle (@seattlegrind). Since then the Seattle chapter has had 23 events, over 1,600 attendees and recorded 20+ hours of video of the fireside chats, from the likes of Dan Levitan, Liz Pearce, Robert Scoble, Matt Erhlichman, Adam Tratt and Michelle Goldberg. It has been great for me to be able to talk with these people and get answers to questions that many startup founders are scratching their head over.

Startup Grind Seattle Hosts Marc Nager (Startup Weekend)

Monday, 25 February