Adam C. HILL

About Me

JUST START! JUST START HAS BEEN A MOTTO THAT HAS PUSHED ME FROM IDEATION TO EXECUTION FOR THE PAST SEVERAL YEARS. Just Start is how I created art galleries for students at my university without knowing anything about art or creating art galleries. Just Start is how I turned an idea to generate funds from beverage sales to provide safe drinking water to communities in need - into reality by pitching to and then working with Coca-Cola to sell beverages for a couple cents extra and raising $145,000.00+ towards safe drinking water initiatives in Africa. And Just Start is why I have decided to "go on my own" to create my first company, PROXY, to solve marketing challenges for small businesses as a proxy between Fortune 100 freelancers, agencies, and consultants. Finally, Just Start is a maxim that I hope you too will embed into your own life to do things you never thought you would, but can - by Just Starting, figuring things out along the way, and opening new doors every step of the way! - Adam Hill