Kateryna Degtyar

About Me

Since 2013 Kateryna has been actively engaged in startup community development as a co-organizer of iForum, MDDAY, and Startup Weekend. Currently, she is Kyiv community leader at SW. In 2010-2012 she lived in Istanbul to attain MBA degree at Sabanci University with a full merit based scholarship. Prior to that she worked for Extra Large LIR as a manager. Also, Kateryna is a yoga instructor with 10 years teaching experience. Startup Grind is a great platform for communication - something that many of us here in Kyiv miss so much and something that is done in a very open and soulful way in community oriented cultures. Kateryna is very attracted to building communities would it be yoga, or student organization, or IT and entrepreneurship. MBA in Istanbul was much more of a cultural and relations experience rather than a purely logics and maths one.