Rafat Abushaban

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A mentor and speaker, Rafat is the founder of Startup Palestine, Director of Startup Grind Gaza, Coordinator of Youth & Culture Programs at the Welfare Association, and Curator at Startup Digest. He holds a UK Business Masters’ degree and is a researcher and lecturer in Crowdfunding, E-Business, Entrepreneurship, and writes for Wamda. He is also Palestine Coordinator the British Chartered Institute of Technology.

My blog posts

Startup Grind Launches in Gaza, Palestine!

Entrepreneurship is closely tied with the unexpected, be it a new gadget, app or tool. Everyday we hear about stories of products and services that challenge and change how we live, work, travel and communicate; but every once in a while we hear about a new breakthrough from an unexpected place, which brings hope that entrepreneurs could help improve people's lives in areas suffering tough conditions. This time, the hype is happening somewhere you would least expect to have a thriving entrepreneurial ecosystem: The Gaza strip, Palestine.