Arika L. Pierce

About Me

I am a principal at Gide Public Affairs (pronounced guide). We specialize in helping startups navigate legislative and regulatory hurdles that interfere with their growth plan. I love innovative technology, all on-demand apps and can't wait for the day when an Amazon drone delivers packages to my doorstop before I can even push send!

My blog posts

Does Bitcoin Have an Identity Crisis?

Depending on who you are, when you hear "bitcoin" any number of ideas may come to mind. Much of the world still has no idea what a bitcoin is or what it does. Closer to tech hubs, some will have a conceptual knowledge of the cryptocurrency but have still yet to use it as an asset or payment method. If you follow the rumors too closely, you may guess it's the stuff of black markets, a secret form of money used for drug trafficking and money laundering. If you're one of the now growing audience of enthusiasts and long-time bitcoin advocates -- that is, around 2010 onwards -- you may believe it is the new fiscal superpower that will finally disrupt the financial status quo globally. Ultimately, every camp has some of the right ideas: bitcoin is still poorly understood by most, it is used for both legitimate and much shadier transactions (as is almost every other worldly currency, and the internet itself), and has the potential to change everything.

The Startup’s Guide to Government Relations

By now, everyone has heard the Uber story: at its best, the “underdog” tech startup disrupting public policy; and at its worst, the venture-inflated behemoth twisting arms to prop up an illegal business. While the controversy brews, Uber is suffering: non-stop challenges of government regulation and legislation are beginning to impact the company’s ability to grow, especially in its strongest markets.