Ike Gluski

  • JFDI Consulting, Business Development Executive
  • Brighton & Hove
  • Information Technology and Services

About Me

I enjoy working with people, both as individuals and within a team and thrive off creating new interpersonal relationships. I see every new connection as a puzzle; in every puzzle there are missing elements and my goal is to identify and address them. This approach always brings positive results for everyone involved. My extensive sales experience gained in various industries taught me how to quickly adapt to new environments and clearly communicate complicated concepts. Currently, I focus on showcasing the value of collaboration, gamification and automation to improve productivity of teams. Often, all is needed is a deep investigation of internal processes. Such exercise allow us to discover small changes to the way available technology is used, to increase efficiency. In other settings, redesigning the process applying gamification or/and automation, is an appropriate way to massively improve productivity. I strive to discover the best course of action in any situation. Privately, I am passionate about cars and the automotive industry. I hope I will have a chance to apply my approach and experience in that sector. To scratch this itch, I created Debauta - a podcast about cars (unfortunately, so far it is only available in Polish) and I closely follow everything that is happening in the car world. From prices of beloved classics to the newest technologies and releases.