Lydia Mwakyambiki

About Me

Lydia is a Marketing Executive in the Radio Broadcasting industry, a job she has been doing for the past year and a half. Lydia has always been entrepreneurial which stems from her parents, and in 2013, She saw an opportunity and started selling a local quick meal known as 'Zege' in Tanzania to a diverse community while living in the UK. She went on to sell the local home made quick meal with variety of toppings but later on, discovered a whole new world in organic skin care. Lydia went on to hand make organic skin care products and cosmetics and sold in her local community in the UK. Lydia later relocated to Tanzania, got an exciting job in Radio Broadcasting which involves drafting concepts, up-sell them to potential businesses to implementation, which many times means working with small and corporate brands in Tanzania. Lydia also looks forward to establish her Organic Skincare and Cosmetics company in Tanzania. She looks forward to exciting times, loves to travel, exchanging ideas with friends, colleagues and family and most of all loves crafting.