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Aidan Cole is the founder of Prosper Social Media, a strategic SEO/SEM/social marketing company. He is also the founder of nGage.Social, an Influencer marketing platform that aims to help social influencers network, grow and monetize effectively. They are coming soon. Connect with Aidan on Twitter (@aidanjcole) and Facebook (/aidanjcole) or checkout his website

My blog posts

5 Steps for Startup Success

When it comes to startups, it’s a glass half-full/glass half-empty situation. New businesses are started on a daily basis, and about 50 percent of these new ventures will succeed. But that means that about 50 percent of them will fail, too.

10 Tips For A Persuasive Elevator Pitch

A comprehensive, clear business plan is among the most important aspects that any business can prepare for investors. However, without an intelligently crafted elevator pitch, entrepreneurs might never get to the business plan discussion stage.

Three Ways to Motivate your Younger Staff and Increase Productivity

Most people would consider me to be a part of Generation Y, those born since 1980. Researcher and author, Marc Prensky splits this generation into two categories as follows. The older Gen Y members he refers to as “Digital immigrants.” Those who can be sophisticated in their use of technologies, but also rely on traditional forms of analog interaction. I fall into a demographic that Marc refers to as “Digital natives.” Those who grew up with technology, devices, and of course the internet. The Digital Native's daily activities are consumed by technologies supporting social interaction, friendships, and hobbies among other things. Get ready, my generation is rapidly emerging as the world’s dominant demographic and employers will need to learn how best to adapt. Below I include three suggested methods for managers that I try to focus on, and/or plan to implement and why.