Benjamin Claeys

  • Lihaoma (礼好吗) - Erweibanma (二维斑马), CEO
  • Beijing
  • Marketing and Advertising
Gaming · marketing strategies · china · marketing

About Me

Benjamin is a serial entrepreneur with 11 years experience in China. Erweibanma (二维斑马) QR codes are essential for any brand, they are the lead to your product or website, but they don't always look appealing, we made a QR generator that allows you to integrate QR codes in images or make awesome branded QR's witch data can be tracked from. Lihaoma (礼好吗) Engagement is the new way to market, millenials are bored of wechat articles, all luxury brand are going into gamified ads in China as Gucci, Dior, ... , we at lihaoma run a platform that allows you to setup wechat H5 games in 90 seconds, we made a portfolio of different type of games for different needs. We do this all in a branded way with the best understanding of our clients needs and build a story around the game to create potential to go Viral with your campaign.