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David has co-founded Viral Ideas his 6th company. Viral Ideas goal is to help companies grow through innovative video marketing.

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Disruption by Mark Cuban and Adam Lyons at SXSW

“You have to be stubborn enough to see stuff through. Disruption comes from the cross section of change and ability to being able to adapt.” Adam Lyons from The Zebra

Slack Communities are the Future of Networking & These are Our Favorites

If you've just tabbed over to this piece to get away from the flurry of GIFs on your #random channel, or to celebrate after announcing you've crushing another software bug on your #product channel, you might be a Slack user. Though it's quickly becoming the favorite office comms tool in Silicon Valley and far beyond, what does Slack have to do with networking? You'd be surprised: Slack groups are changing the way industry leaders are connecting with each other, and chances are you're already in a few now - but definitely should be.

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