Blake Larson

About Me

Blake launched his first business venture when he was in the 3rd grade, putting his younger cousins to work selling soda, Otter Pops, and candy necklaces at the town’s annual softball tournament. In addition to his entrepreneurial drive he’s always been a nerd, hungry for knowledge. From taking college classes in Jr. High to traveling around the world to attend seminars he loves to learn. He brought this drive for learning and business to Infusionsoft where he’s coached over 200 small businesses, facilitated Infusionsoft University and worked on Infusionsoft’s internal training team. He is an Infusionsoft Certified Partner with multiple certifications. He is currently the Chief Nerd at My Marketing Nerd fulfilling his mission to help small businesses generate $3,000,000 in additional profits and save over 1,000 hours through systems and automation. When he’s not optimizing marketing funnels you can usually find him playing paintball in virtual reality or hanging out with his 3 lb Maltese Jackson.