Mary Juetten

About Me

Mary Juetten, founder and CEO of Traklight, has dedicated her more-than-25-year career to helping businesses achieve and protect their success. Specializing in leading companies in transition or start-up phases and helping them create sustainable, operational, and financial growth, Mary wants entrepreneurs and businesses to have Fortune 500 style software solutions! Using her extensive education including Bachelor of Commerce degree from McGill and a Juris Doctorate from Arizona State, as well as her US and Canadian accounting and public accountant certifications, Mary created the only self-guided software platform that creates your custom intellectual property (IP) strategy. Mary is an international writer, speaker, and mentor, and co-chairs the Arizona Technology Council’s Law and Technology committee. She previously represented entrepreneurs on the Board of the Crowdfunding Investment Regulatory Advocates and is currently on the Emerging Enterprise Committee of the Licensing Executives Society.

My blog posts

What Goes Bump in the Night for Founders?

Founders put on brave faces. They don’t eagerly share what plagues them - the insecurities, uncertainties, and anxieties that keep them up at night. And yet, if you ask a group of founders a simple question like, “How’s it going?” and all you hear are fears: burnout, failure, depression, and the unknown. Of course, those fears are mixed in with the day-to-day details. I’m here to say, “Let’s talk.”

The Anatomy of a Successful Crowdfunding Campaign

At lunch the other day, I was on Facebook checking out my News Feed.  I use Facebook regularly to stay in touch with friends, and the regular reminders of my last viewed items on are nice, too.  A dear friend in Canada posted a new campaign, OKIINO: Surf Yoga Leggings for Sea.Street.Studio, and mentioned that her cousin was involved in the fledging startup as the artist.