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About Me

Hi I am Rohan Potdar. I am super-passionate about helping social entrepreneurs, changemakers and impact organizations tell stories of their social good. In my quest to do this, I have personally interacted and developed rapport with many of them over last 2 years, right from grassroots level champions to IVY league educated innovators. I create my stories through creative use of short motion features, real-life stills, content writing, blogging and live interviews. An Engineer and MBA by training I took to storytelling by choice, initially as a hobby and eventually as a profession. Real, positive & meaningful stories are my forte. Besides being a zealous writer, a thinker, and a continuous learner, I am also a hands-on dad! Riding on a country-side road and sleeping under the stars is my rush. rohan@rohanpotdar.com

My blog posts

Innolat: Solving The Problem Of Un-employability For Graduates in India

Today, India has been considered as the next Asian giant poised to become a global superpower in the coming decades. Among the myriad of factors that will contribute to India’s steady rise, her demographic dividend will play a major role.

How Impact Businesses Use Storytelling to Build Movements

An impact business or social enterprise is an entity that works to solve a social problem through humanitarian or economic intervention, and usually sustains itself by raising funds or by generating profit.

SustainEarth and The Paradox of Energy in Rural India

Though not the best appetite-inducing conversation over a meal, this question remains one of India's greatest paradoxes: why does a country with the world's largest livestock population in the world use wood for such a large portion of energy production when biogas can be made cheaply from cattle waste?