Joshua Armah

About Me

Joshua is known as a creative polymath driven by his ingenuity to express his artistic talent through technology as a medium. He primarily works as a scientist & engineer, specializing in Artificial Intelligence, known as an A.I. Joshua combines science, art, and math to drive simple solutions to complex problems. He is a massive believer in emerging technologies and is continuously looking for ways to integrate A.I. with innovation. He has the mind of a real systems thinker who can extrapolate ideas and turn them into products. Joshua has over a decade of hands-on experience with problem-solving in engineering and business. Joshua has attained his mastery in problem-solving through working in both startup and enterprise environments. Joshua is no stranger to product leadership, either. As a product leader, Joshua Armah has founded three companies with one exit. He has an extensive specialized technical skillset that feeds his desire for innovation. Joshua is no stranger to getting the job done from programming to growth hacking, Product Development, and even building Ecosystems. Joshua is also a published author, with his first work being "Success Over Everything," released in 2015. He has a decade in entrepreneurship, starting his first business at the age of 16. Joshua has created, advised, or invested in over 10+ ventures with million-dollar valuations.