Shyam Pyarauk

About Me

After working for various companies for 11 years, in India, UAE and Japan, in 2006 I started my first company, Blue Horse Corporation to trading of food, clothing and electronic products. Thanks to Wealth Dynamics, I could clearly understand my path of least resistance and started enjoying business and life, connected with amazing people through various business network meetings. I co-founded Endeavour Japan to organize speeches sharing and spread knowledge  and now part of Startupgrind Tokyo. I enjoy connecting people, helping, learning and growing together!

My blog posts

An Evening with Ebine Tomohito

Some of the speakers naturally steal the show by being on stage. Yesterday we had an a amazing firechat with Opt Inc. founder Ebine Tomohito. One fine day he decided to start business within six months and that's took of on to road of success. As Internet was booming, he decided to venture in to Internet marketing, he motivated his staff to focus on main business. He philosophy was first we need to decide whether to do or not, once we decide to do, we have to do it perfectly, dedicate fully and focus 100% on it. He understood and prepared his staff to innovate and adopt to new changes. He main goal was to create an appeal and attraction for the company. He puts best of his efforts to the person who wants to learn from him. Surprisingly he receives only ¥500 for his consultancy. He wants to establish a brand by “Too much care consultant”.

Chatting with the Interviewer!

With the good response from the first fireside chat with Mr. Shimizu, we are gaining huge interest about Startup Grind events. In November we are introducing a women who broke through the challenges and became a media celebrity, Ms. Yuka Tanimoto.

First fireside Chat in Tokyo

Although little bit behind the schedule Startup Grind Tokyo team is excited to share about first fireside chat event. Thirty two dynamic people participated in the first event with a curiosity to learn from Mr. Shimizu. Room was well spaced, participants settled down comfortably after having obento sponsored by Swagat Indian Restaurant. Some of the highlights of the interview. Mr. Shimizu started as he was passionate about education and keen on bringing international leaders to educate and help Japanese to become better leaders. Participants were keen on knowing why Mr. Shimizu decided to invite Mr. Anthony Robbins, as he was most expensive and had tough guidelines to be followed.