Kellie Zimmet

About Me

As a founding partner at the consulting firm Elevate Human Potential, I work closely with companies to understand people issues and help them inspire the best work from their teams. I love solving “people challenges.” Utilizing the latest in psychometric assessment tools, I can help match the right candidates to the roles you need filled in your organization, craft the perfect coaching or training approach to improve performance or help promote talent effectively. My facilitated sessions include The 5 Behaviors of a Cohesive Team, Everything DISC- Workplace, Sales, for Managers, for Leaders & Agile EQ, Team-building Workshops for charity, and a variety of management and leadership skills. My 1-1 work includes 360 debriefs and interviewing. My formal education is in Environmental Science, but I feel like I learned the most from being a ground level part of 4 start ups. I am actively involved as a business mentor in the Phoenix area and have served in various board roles. My passion is hiking and I am usually planning my next big trip around a hike or run.