Paul Penny

About Me

I’m an facilitator, coach, consultant, author and speaker... and I'm obsessed with Alignment. My mission is to help as many leaders as possible develop their own Alignment Superpowers, to enable Sustainable Success for their organizations and all their stakeholders. I host a weekly podcast, Alignment Revolution, that helps me deliver on this mission. I’ve had the privilege of working in organizations and with leaders who understood and practiced great Alignment… and I believe EVERYONE deserves to work and live in a more aligned world. You deserve to have, and to be, better leaders. You deserve to have more fun and less stress, doing work you love. You deserve to be able make an impact in your work, your family, and your community. You deserve to delight your customers, and be delighted as a customer. I help leaders enable transformational change in their organizations, through improved Alignment. It's what I was born to do, and I love doing it!