Jerry Jonah

  • Sound Winkel, CEO
  • Yaounde
  • Ecommerce
Youth Community Worker · Artificial Intelegence · Cyber Security and Data Protection · music · app development · Drones · entrepreneurship

About Me

Feeling the burden, difficulties and suffering of others have always been part of me. Love being around entrepreneurs not only in the tech field but in general. It is a burden for me to see the little entrepreneurs receiving a good education and equipment for their businesses by networking with others be it in their field of work or not. I am a web and mobile app developer. Starting with a small business to enable people to buy and sell musical and sound electronics. Aside from programming, I love reading, playing games, playing badminton, I enjoy eating, most of all I enjoy being part of communities that have the intention to help, innovate, give hope to others and putting smiles on others.