Nicole Hatley

About Me

Nicole’s dive into the world of online content creation began during the great recession in a studio apartment in San Francisco’s Tenderloin District. Stuck in an administrative job and crushed by the complete lack of job prospects in her field, Nicole took her tax return, bought an iMac and digital camera and started a video production company. Hungry for experience, she landed her first opportunities by volunteering to make videos for nonprofits, artists and causes she cared about. Eventually volunteer work turned into paid work and she noticed that many of the small businesses, nonprofits and musicians that came to her wanted videos but didn’t know how to market them. She became completely obsessed with online marketing, reading recommended books, scouring online resources and testing all the marketing tools and platforms she could get her hands on. She began utilizing this new knowledge to help her video clients with marketing and through referrals a small marketing agency, vox.magneta, was born. This led to opportunities to work with award-winning ad agencies and branding agencies, creating content for companies such as YouTube, Microsoft, Virgin America and Levi’s. Due to a series of serendipitous events and a lot of hard work, vox became the marketing and video agency for a multi-million dollar men’s grooming line in Southern California and Nicole decided to move the office to Long Beach in January. Since that time she has continued to grow the team and build an incredible network of partners and clients with a passion for fashion, beauty, design and music.