Steve Vilkas

a fan of new technologies

About Me

Helping to build The Startup Oasis at Prepare4VC 💚 🏝 🐪 Chapter Member, Startup Grind Boston Prepare 4 VC is an innovation hub powered by purposeful prosperity. In my role, I serve our people and share our values around the globe. Got my break in my hometown of Boston 🇺🇸 where I’ve done a lot in startup world as a founder, co-founder, marketing/ops, building strategic processes and strategic growth. I have additional expertise in hyperlocal journalism, community building and management. I love to facilitate and nurture conversations and collaborations that lead to amazing (and often unexpected) outcomes. Affectionately referred to as“The Dot Connector” 🦉 in the world of venture and innovation. Passionate about mental health in startups, emerging tech, global entrepreneurship (particularly immigrant entrepreneurs and developing markets) and brand intelligence. In the words of a wise one: Always a student.