Roop Bhadury

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About Me

I’m an experienced entrepreneur with nearly 20 years of experience in Customer Engagement, New Product Development, Product Management, Digital Media and New Venture Creation. My involvement with startups has had a big role to play in achieving this diversity. I have designed and built products for the advertising, classifieds, education and recruitment sectors and have led 20-30 person technical and design teams to achieve these outcomes. I have worked in Australia, US, Denmark, India, Indonesia and Singapore where I have acquired and managed clients as well as vendors. Having been an entrepreneur more than once, I also possess a strong understanding of corporate structure, team building and intellectual property. I have some capital raising experience as well, raising more than US$1.5 MM in funding across my entrepreneurial stints. I have been working in the Customer Engagement space over the past couple of years and have been using a combination of Customer Interaction and Engagement Data to build and deliver strategy and actionable insights to clients (Check out my current company, This work relates back to my Doctoral research in developing the core idea of the Customer Engagement Journey.