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About Me

Jess held her first job as a 14-yr-old working for a VC firm in downtown San Francisco and has loved the energy ever since. She brings her passion and experience in global marketing, branding, and startup sectors now to Boise to launch Startup Grind Boise in 2014! Living the good life where she can hit the ski slopes in 30 minutes, she has only slowed down long enough to spend time with her two beautiful girls.  

My blog posts

87 to 1: Airbnb’s Expansion into Vacation Rental Industry

Back in March I was called in to meet with a contact from Summit Partners who was hungrily chasing after a Boise company. I laughed, telling them that everyone wants “in” with this particular company, adding that I love that they have zero interest in taking on investment dollars.

Techstars Boise: Giving Idaho Entrepreneurs a Shot

A shot of what?  A shot of knowledge, a shot at the big time, a shot of adrenaline, a shot of magical unicorn tears?  The answer is “all of the above and more.”  All five partners of Techstars Ventures will be hitting the ground in Boise on August 24th and they’ll be handing out these shots like candy.  It’s what they do.  They hook up entrepreneurs with game changing insight, mentorship, and connections that help fuel the fires that we’re building.

Some Traits That Happy Entrepreneurs Possess

While there are certainly some things that entrepreneurs think that they need, that perhaps they really don't, there are some things that I would argue they DO need. One of these thoughts came to my mind a while back while talking to a good friend of mine about how his startup is going. He is in the grind of it at this time, for sure. While trying to take his company from staying alive to thriving and making big profits, he finds himself down in the dumps more often simply due to the volume of work and stress that sometimes dominates his mental state. While volume of work and stress may be a fact of life when it comes to starting a business, at the same time, I reflected on the question of, "why we are doing this to ourselves in the first place?" Most of the time, we are talking about the concept of the good 'ol American pursuit of happiness. So what have we found that successful and happy entrepreneurs share as traits?