Ayush Jain

About Me

Ayush believes in starting one company every year. He runs 3 startups: Mindbowser (mindbowser.com), the largest online BLE community, and the most active IOT community. When free, Ayush loves outdoor sports, long distance running, and climbing mountains. At StartupGrind Pune, he has been working to bring the best stories both success and failure from the community. He also hosts online magazines dedicated to IoT & Chatbots namely 'The IoT Magazine' (https://theiotmagazine.com/) & 'Chatbots Journal' (https://chatbotsjournal.com/)

My blog posts

Growth Hacking : No Money Marketing for Startups

When Sean Ellis was trying to come up with a new job description for a Dropbox back in 2010, he would have never thought that, "Growth Hacking" would become such a hit among startups.