Tom Denison

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Tom's passion is mentoring, advising, and funding tech and biotech startups. Tom has engaged with hundreds of startups, at all stages, from concept to exit. Today, Tom is Co-Founder and President of SmartHealth Activator, an incubator for biotech startups activating extraordinary biotechnology to solve mankind's greatest health challenges.

My blog posts

Braintree's Founder Talks About Paying $100 for Three Minutes of Your Time

Watch Bryan Johnson’s interview with Startup Grind Chicago and if you don’t like it, we'll give you $100. ​

SG Chicago: How Kristi Ross Translated Options Trading into Millions through Dough Inc.

Ever heard of an Iron Condor? No -- not the animal, nor a statue.

SG Chicago: From "Ultra Dull Business" to $1B Exit, The Fieldglass Story

Unlike many unicorns - companies with $1 billion exits - reported by the media, Fieldglass was not a few years in the making. The sale in 2014 to SAP for $1 billion occurred a decade and a half after Jai Shekhawat founded the company. Today, Fieldglass is one of the most recent and biggest success stories in the Chicago tech community. Startup Grind Chicago proudly hosted and learned from Jai this last month.