Shelton Mercer

About Me

Shelton is a Fortune 500-bred innovator, speaker and philanthropist. Shelton is CEO of Hollywood-based, social media/crowdfunding sensation TwitCHANGE. Hundreds of celebrities including Eva Longoria, Shaq and Ryan Seacrest and thousands of their fans have joined TwitCHANGE to raise millions for crisis relief, charity and causes. TwitCHANGE has won a coveted Mashable Award and received stellar coverage from the likes of CNN, Wall Street Journal, E!, Fox News and Fast Company. Shelton is also Chief Strategy Officer of Benjamins Desk, a thriving innovation center and coworking space in Philadelphia. As founder of The Mercer Advisory Group, Shelton has created business, technology and integrated media solutions for entertainment giants Disney, NBC, ABC, FOX, Warner Bros, Universal Records, Walden Media, and Participant Media and major NGOs such as United Way, CARE and Compassion. During his tenure with Lucent Technologies, Shelton led multi-million dollar global initiatives for Fortune 500's, including General Electric, KPMG, Astra-Zeneca and Johnson & Johnson. Shelton's passion for people and the planet led him to serve as COO at Stop Hunger Now and COO/CIO at DVAEYC.