Fedir Makarchuk

Behavioral finance · Banking · commodity trading · venture capital · Company Startup · Renewable Energy · Environment Conservation

About Me

Having gained Master's degrees first in Economics and then in Finance & Trading, Fedir has fair academic background in business-related topics. At a current job Fedir is responsible for compliance procedures of multiple businesses, which effectively means that he is looking after their documentary well-being. As his job allows him a sneak peek into the core of the business, he tries to grab this opportunity. Eventually Fedir becomes more and more concerned about the inefficiencies, the businesses under his administration posses and then he is wondering, if he could ever find any worthy substitutes to conventional businesses among his Clients. And for that he should have turn to startups which shin with brand new ideas, new ways of implementation and those which tackle old problems with new techniques. So lately Fedir became possessed with the idea of diving head deep into the the Venture Capital to recover the treasures which can be found under the surface of conventional business culture. Fedir is regularly monitoring the market and stays in contact with financial institutions, hoping one day to open his own VC fund. He is often swayed towards the projects and startups which have something to do with Climate Change, as well as wildlife preservation or caring for homeless animals in the urban areas. Additionally, he possesses real working experience in renewable energy sector. As he was lucky to gain this experience while working in Valuation and Consulting department of Baker Tilly, and was involved into appraisal of wood pellet factory, bio-ethanol power plant and later into the development of solar power startup. While doing these projects, he has been preparing market research for each of the above mentioned businesses. Fedir would like to carry on gaining experience and making positive impact in the Renewable Sector, especially as it corresponds to his environmental concerns.