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Shahar Matorin has been involved in Israeli High-Tech, Internet and Digital industry since 1999, Founded InteGreat 2008. With a group of professional experts, Shahar can lead entrepreneurs from an idea to Worldwide Product Marketing. Today Shahar is the Co-Founder, CEO of BroTEC, a group of "Brothers" that finds creative, innovative and technical solutions to any content platform.

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We're Going to Mars

Each month, Startup Grind hosts an event in Tel Aviv featuring a successful entrepreneur or investor. In January, we hosted Yanki Margalit at the new WeWork HaZerem. Yanki broke into the Israeli tech scene at age 23 with his first company--Aladdin Knowledge Systems--an AI and hardware company that prevented illegal software copying. He also recently served as chairman of SpaceIL, a nonprofit organization that will land a spaceship on the moon by 2018. Yanki gave a presentation about the future and what drastic changes technology has in store for us.

Successful Serial Entrepreneur, Izhar Shay, Shares His Keys to Success

After living for more than a decade outside of New York City — with two successful exits behind him and no pressing need for a third — serial entrepreneur Izhar Shay sat with his wife and discussed what their future should look like.

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