Zané Dippenaar

small business · Entrepreneurship development · Marketing Strategy

About Me

Zané Dippenaar was born in Bloemfontein, Central South Africa in 1994. She attended primary school in Bloemfontein from where she moved to a small town called Upington with her family in 2006. In 2013 Zané moved back to Bloemfontein to pursue her studies as a Marketing student at the University of the Free State (UFS). She found marketing to be her passion and continued her studies by doing her Honours degree in Marketing. During her honours year she gain experience by freelancing for small businesses and being part of an internship for Kovsie Brewing (a craft brewery established at the UFS). At the end of the internship se was offered a yearlong contact as marketing and innovation strategist at the Directorate: Research Development (DRD) department (UFS), which was extended to 2 years, giving Zané the opportunity to gain experience in SME development, publish her research nationally and on an international basis as well as finishing her Masters degree in Business Management within 2 years. As part of her employment at the DRD, Zané managed numerous projects, exhibitions and other marketing events. As the multitasker that she is, Zané has obtained her Masters degree, became a lecturer for a 3rd year module and maintained a full time employment by the age of 23. She has also recently founded and became the Director of the Startup Grind U chapter at the UFS and started her own business, inZane marketing and branding. With regards to her business, Zané has already marketed numerous start-ups in the Free State, Northern Cape and Western Cape, within the first month of business. To conclude, with Zané’s “never say no” attitude, she is a determined, hard-working and passionate about everything she puts her mind to.