Josh MacDonald

About Me

Josh MacDonald is an internet entrepreneur who has sold thousands of licenses of his marketing software to agencies throughout his high school years. He now works on ShoutOurBiz, an influencer marketing platform.

My blog posts

5 Strategies to Bring Your Business to the Web

If you’re a for-profit company, your goal is to make money. The ultra-competitive nature of today’s economy, however, is forcing businesses to refocus their money making strategies to the digital sphere in order to earn more customers and continually grow their business.

4 Factors That Are Slowing Down Your Productivity Right Now

No matter what industry you’re in or what kind of business you’re running, the old adage that ‘time is money’ is a non-negotiable law. And if you’re an entrepreneur, then taking this maxim to heart is all the more important. If you’re working in an office and you spend all day chatting around the water cooler, you still get paid. Pull the same trick as an entrepreneur though and you’ll have nothing to show at the end of the day.