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Margarita Hakobyan is a businesswoman and an entrepreneur that is addicted to creating. Graduated with bachelor's degree from the University of Utah with a concentration in International Studies and a Masters Degree also from the University of Utah with a degree in International Business. Founder of MoversCorp.com and several other companies.

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You Only Get One First Impression: Make it Count

As an entrepreneur, you understand the power of first impressions. You know how to turn things on when you walk into a room full of potential networking opportunities. You understand what it looks like to dress for success when delivering a pitch to investors.

How Your Startup Can Avoid Data Leakage

Few things are more important to a startup than building a strong and secure foundation for future success. Part of that means creating a system by which data is protected and the risk of leakage is greatly reduced. Are you doing enough to safeguard your startup’s data?

Here’s How You Keep Your Startup Safe in a World of Crime

As the founder of a startup or small business, you may assume that you’re safe from hackers and cybercrime for the time being. After all, who would want to mess with you when there are billion-dollar companies out there?

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