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Josh is the co-founder of StrategyHack and co-director at Startup Grind NYC. His specialty is creating new relationships between seed-stage founders and enterprise innovation teams. His global network of startup community organizers helps him integrate scalable international startups into the US market, and also provides resources for American startups to launch operations overseas. In his spare time, he teaches seminars on intrapreneurship and corporate innovation.

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Oracle's Reggie Bradford: Innovate or Die

A growing number of enterprise companies are attempting open innovation or startup innovation, but few of them are tackling the concept with as much precision as Oracle's Reggie Bradford, three-time entrepreneur and Startup Ecosystem & Accelerator boss at the cloud software giant. "How do we help startups build better products and create capabilities?" he posted. "That's job number one."

Memorable Moments from Startup Grind NYC and Max Krohn, Co-founder of OkCupid

In case you missed it, Startup Grind NYC had a rockin' time with Max Krohn, co-founder of OkCupid and Keybase.io. https://twitter.com/StartupGrindNYC/status/567712661144891392

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