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About Me

Master of Science student majoring in Industrial Engineering and Management with a focus on Innovation Management and Entrepreneurship. Currently working as Head of Business Development for fitbod - a mobile fitness app that gives you personalized workout recommendations based on your fitness goals, training preferences and current muscle recovery state. Check it out: www.fitbod.me I have acquired professional experiences in Online Marketing & Business Development for Startups and in the Corporate Venture Capital business. Being enthusiastic about innovation and technology, I facilitate local startup environents and support global brands like Startup Grind, Startup Weekend, Techstars and Product Hunt. I regularly write on startupgrind.comStartup Grind and on Medium. Friends and co-workers see me as a positive and energetic person who loves to be in contact with people. I work proactively and results-driven. Following my internal drive and commitment, I am greatly determined to become an entrepreneur in the long-term. Please reach out and connect with me. I am broadly interested and always look for exciting opportunities. Favourite inspiring quotation: “If your dreams don't scare you they are too small.” (Sir Richard Branson)

My blog posts

This is why your company needs to think about design

Design is a field that has gained a lot of interest in the recent years. Not only are startups more and more founded by designer founders like the founders of Pinterest, Slideshare and Behance. Also, IDEO and Stanford’s d.school have spread the concept of design thinking throughout the world.

Marketing Like a Pirate: What Growth Means at an Early Stage Startup

Peter Drucker once stated that the two most important functions of a business are Innovation and Marketing. He meant that the primary purpose of a company is to create value and to deliver it. Whereas businesses have become more complex nowadays with strong interdependencies between divisions and functions, the core principle still remains the same.

Facebook’s path into the messaging future

There has been quite some buzz around Facebook’s Messenger Platform lately. And that’s not all. Almost daily, you can read new articles about chatbots, conversational interfaces, digital assistants, AI and messaging platforms. This trend is likely to go on for a while since people started wondering what comes after the web and mobile apps. Is chat the next generation of how we connect and interact with the internet? Can Facebook’s Messenger eventually become the platform which connects all services that consumers need?