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I'm an entrepreneur, technology lawyer, and author. My firm, iPiphany Group, helps technology startups with their product, law and policy challenges. Because these challenges require creative and thoughtful solutions, a first-principles approach works best. There are no shortcuts, after all, when you are trying to build the future.

My blog posts

Slack CEO Stewart Butterfield: "It Sucks To Be the CEO of a Startup That's Doing Super Well"

“It sucks to be the CEO of a startup that’s doing super well,” argued Slack CEO Stewart Butterfield, adding "the stakes just get higher and higher." The quote, shared with interviewer Andrew Braccia of Accel Partners and the Startup Grind Global Conference audience, earned both gasps and laughs. But Butterfield's Slack is doing better than well: founded in January of 2013, the company is already all the rage at companies like Adobe, The New York Times, HBO and Expedia, while Slack’s valued at just under $3 billion. Yep, must definitely suck.

[VIDEO] Dustin Moskovitz of Asana & Facebook: Nurture these Two Things to Craft a Great Work Culture

Two critical things bring the humane workplace to life, according to Dustin Moskovitz of Asana, and previously co-founder of Facebook: a commitment to work-life balance and open communication. In an interview with Katie Benner of the New York Times at Startup Grind, Moskovitz explained how these values inform the culture of the new company he’s building, Asana.  

Should You Move Your Startup to Silicon Valley?

How important is it to be in Silicon Valley? In a way, the answer is simple: it’s very important. From expert advice to capital to talent, no place on the planet is better for entrepreneurs keen on changing the world. However, it’s a mistake to accept this simple, straightforward answer without pressure testing it. After all, if you don’t understand why something is true, you don’t really understand much at all - and if you're moving to California with no money, strongly reconsider.