Nika Ptushkina

investing · mobility · saas · AI · Software · angel investing · deep learning · Smart Connectivity · Automotive · deeptech

About Me

Entrepreneurship. Innovation. Global Change. I've always had a passion for creating change in the community and around the world. With every new experience and skill I gain, I strive to use it to better the lives of others. This passion started from volunteering for Rotary in high-school, to consulting for amazing innovative startups in university, to my now amazing job at an AI startup, Machinery Analytics. I am currently working with an amazing, innovate startup, Machinery Analytics, developing a software platform that uses artificial intelligence in the cleantech and automotive industries to help analyze complex data, changing the world of design and manufacturing. I'm also part of the Startup Grind team, helping organize and host events in the Vancouver area to inspire entrepreneurs and help them grow. Please reach out if you are curious about any of the work that I've done, Machinery Analytics, or if you want to participate in Startup Grind. I love chatting to fellow innovators and passionate individuals!