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About Me

Eben is an entrepreneur, innovator, and salesman. Eben thrives off entrepreneurial energy and is always willing to help fellow entrepreneurs in any capacity, feel free to reach out. Eben@startupgrind.com @EbenPiazza LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/ebenpiazza

My blog posts

5 Ways to Instantly Boost Your Online Business Growth

There are no magic bullets for doubling your business growth overnight, but some tactics certainly work better than others. As an e-tailer or other business online, you need to make sure your efforts are well spent. Fortunately, a lot of the leg work has been done for you, the statistics are in, and there are some avenues that simply work better and faster than others. For example, start by joining the right LinkedIn Business Groups as defined by the pros instead of diving in blindly and trying to network with no direction.

9 Startup Lessons Learned From Anthony Johnson (Empire Genomics)

Startup Grind Buffalo had the privelege to host Anthony Johnson (CEO Empire Genomics), and I have to say it was one of the most entertaining and valuable Startup Grind's yet!

Underwear Gnomes and Startup's

Startup Grind Buffalo hosted Niall Wallace (Infonaut) last night, and Niall had some great advice for entrepreneurs relating to South Park's underwear gnomes.