Marian Danko

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About Me

Marian Danko is an entrepreneur from Ukraine with a passion for innovation and technology. As the founder of weHustle, a platform for innovators in China, Marian is working on connecting local and international scenes to build a diverse and inclusive innovation ecosystem. Many years of partnering up and working with 20+ tech and entrepreneur communities in China led Marian to launch TECOM Conf, an annual event celebrating the power of the community. TECOM Conf Shanghai 2019 brought Marian to Forbes China. In the same year, he won the Yicai Brilliant Award and entered the list by EqualOcean of 30 Foreign Entrepreneurs in China 2020. Marian has a deep understanding of a startup ecosystem with 9 years of China experience, making him a frequent speaker and panelist at many entrepreneurship and innovation-related events. Marian Danko来自乌克兰,是一位对创新和科技饱含热情的连续创业者。weHustle是为创业者服务的平台,作为weHustle的创始人,Marian致力于将本地和国际社群的成员汇聚在一起,以建立一个多元化,包容性的生态圈。通过多年与超过20个中国科技创业社群合作累积的经验,Marian成功举办了TECOM Conf,一个年度性的盛大活动,充分展现了创业社群的力量。2019上海 TECOM Conf也带给了Marian被福布斯中国采访的机会。同年他获得一财全球最佳国际创业者称号,并入选亿欧2020外国企业家30人名单。中国的9年创业经历让Marian更深度理解整个创业生态圈,他也很荣幸多次受邀参加不同创业相关活动并分享其经验。