Mohamed Nawito


About Me

I am a person who believe that I can change the world, I am driven by an idealistic dreams but relaistic goals. I believe that entrepreneurship can be the answer to different questions but it need a unique prespective. I had long experience in mentoring different kind of tech-enable startups and deep technology startups as well, supporting startups in different phases from the infrastructure level to the go to market and scalibility level as well. I had been a consultant in many investment talks between startups and investors. I have built different entrepreneurship programs and have implemented unique successful programs in the past 3 years with unique stake holders. I have participated in many events in the Egyptian, Saudi, UAE & Tunisian eco-system during the past 5 years, my participation vary between judge/mentor/project manager/partner/consultant or even participant. As an exapmle of these events: RiseUp Egypt, Social Media Day, Creative Industry day, Startup Cup, Startup Week End, Enpact, Injaz Egypt, MIT KSA, AIM Startup, IECompetition, Entrepreneurs Challenge, Arabnet, IOT Saudi, Franchise Saudi, Souq Okaz, UQU Entrepreneurship Camp, UQU Summer internship program, Startup Saudi, Haij Hackathon, Google developer groups, Blossom, startup turkey, startup Istanbul and i am one of the founding team for WadiMakkah Seed investment program Nomow and one of the founding team for Startup Saudi. I had a solid knowladge supported by proffestional experience in business model generation, Marketing (especially digital marketing), investment plans, startup sales strategy, product design, networking techniques and resources allocation and this support me in startups mentoring or programs building to meet the exact KPIs needed.