Joan Bardeletti

About Me

Engineer graduate; worked 5 in finance helping make more money Boring Left everything in 2005 to become a photojournalist. Became in 3 years one of the best in the world : won a World Press Photo, a Getty Grant and working on assignment for top european media. Deep knowledge of the african continent, especially its 300 millions people middle class after extensive reportage there? Explore new business model in photography : launched a production company teaming photographer with scientist; cofounded one of the 5 drone company in France. My last challenge is to disrupt and democratize the image stock industry. Why is it so painful to put an image on sell for an average citizen. Why only 0,07% of the 3 billion image shot daily are on sell in image stock. Draagu the start-up i cofounded in Barcelona is addressing this issue ! We monetize unpublished images of our users, effortless : no previous upload or tagging of images. Our App does the work and you receive an alert when you can sell Join us !